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West Java Islamic Council’s Reminder: Unity Over Division in the Political Year

Amidst the political hustle and bustle leading up to the 2024 elections, candidates at various levels, from local to national, have started putting up banners. National leaders, including presidential candidates, have also embarked on tours to different regions, engaging in various activities.

In response to this, in the context of elections in Indonesia, the Chairman of the Council of Preachers (DDII), KH. Muhammad Roinul Balad, reminds the Muslim community of two important matters. Firstly, it is crucial to realize that Muslims constitute the majority, and therefore, their voices carry weight and become sought after. Secondly, Muslims should not allow themselves to be divided and become mere tools for garnering votes.

“Hence, there must be certainty that the Muslim community has candidates who can demonstrate their worth through their actions, rather than just relying on rhetoric or skillful orations on the stage. We should not allow ourselves to be pitted against one another because division among fellow Muslims weakens our collective strength. Elections should be an opportunity for the Muslim community to have trustworthy representatives and leaders at the national level, who are honest, respected, beloved by the people, and dedicated to serving their interests. In essence, the implementation of elections within a democratic system should be conducted fairly and with civility,” he stated in a written statement on Friday (2/24/2023).

According to KH. Roin, Indonesia is like a large ship that needs to be steered in the right direction to reach its destination and ensure the safety of all its passengers. The passengers on this large ship include not only Muslims, despite their majority, but also people from different ethnicities and religions. “The formula is to safeguard it together as long as it does not undermine our faith. However, if it does undermine our faith, there are legal consequences in our country,” he emphasized.

Regarding efforts to maintain the harmony of the nation, particularly within the Muslim community, KH. Roin emphasized the importance of fostering solidarity through regular gatherings and open dialogues built upon a spirit of kinship, in order to preserve brotherhood. “These gatherings play a key role in maintaining brotherhood. As fellow countrymen, especially as fellow Muslims, we should not harbor suspicion, spread slander, or undermine one another. Instead, we should engage in constructive dialogue, seek clarity, strengthen one another, avoid division, and refuse to be pitted against one another,” he stressed.




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